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Things Have Happened

It’s been a while! Much has happened! More or less, work and life got the better of me, and any stitchy blogging went by the wayside, so brace yourself. There’s a lot of updates coming.

FFO’s first, I think.

These guys are finally framed! I didn’t end up taking them to a framer – I’d stumbled across a square frame and it was a perfect fit. The backing was NOT square, so I stretched it over the glass instead.

It Calls Me

This was a bit of a journey to put together. I had no clear idea what I wanted it to look like, so it began with trips to the various craft stores in the area to see what sea-themed items were available. It’s finished in a mini poster frame with two different spray paints – a matte blue and a sand textured one. For as unorganized as the finishing started out, I love the way it ended up. It has since been given to its intended recipient.

Letter S Mermaid – Letters from Mermaids – Nora Corbett

This pretty one was started sometime in February or March of 2018 and finished in July. First time using variegated floss, and it was …..interesting. I learned a few things. While variegated flosses are far from my favorite to work with, I do appreciate the detail they can add. She was gifted to the same friend that got It Calls Me.


This one got a frame, too!

I have several more finishes from the last year and a half, but I’ll add them in another post later.

Happy Stitching!

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Cross Stitch Tag

Here, have another Flosstube Tag. ūüôā

1. How did you start or who introduced you to cross stitch?

My mom cross stitched, so I was introduced to it by the pieces she had hanging up at home. My first kit was given to my for Christmas by one of my uncles, and it all went to x-es from there.

2. Do you have a favorite theme or designer?

Not really. I’m an equal-opportunity stitcher. I don’t care for samplers, or stitching people or buildings. I prefer landscapes and animals or stillife type pictures.

3. What floss brand do you use?


4. What is your fabric of choice?

25 or 28 count evenweave. I prefer Lugana or Jazlyn over Jobelan.

5. Do you use a needle threader or are you a “floss licker”?

Licker! ūüėõ

6. What kind of stitching frame do you use?

My primary frame is the Lap Stitch Doodler Plus from Images Stitchery Design on Etsy. I also have used hoops (didn’t like how they warped the fabric) and currently have two q-snaps that i use for my more portable projects.

7. How many projects have you finished?

7ish. It may be more than that, but I can remember 7 of them.

8. How many completed works do you have currently displayed in your home?

None. I haven’t actually FFO’d any of them yet. That needs to be rectified.

9. Do you do more stitching for gifts or keep them for yourself?

Most of them I stitch for myself, but I have given a few away.

10. What is your favorite project or finish you are most proud of?

Footprints, a Bucilla kit. My first time stitching on evenweave.

11. What has been your least favorite or worst experience while stitching?

The weird linen-wannabe that i used for Geisha. Nasty stuff.

12. What do you love and what do you hate about cross stitch?

I love the ‘zen’ of it. I hate that it takes so long to stitch a larger piece. I currently have a massive piece in progress that I started two years ago, and will likely be in progress for about 4 more.

13. Have you introduced anyone else to cross stitch?

Yes! Ishly. I am responsible for pulling some of my older friends and coworkers back into it. They’d been stitchers in the past and for whatever reason stopped.

14. What was your first project and did you finish it, if not what was your first finish?

My first project was a cat in a windowsill, that kit that was given to me for Christmas. I never finished it due to a massive counting error and running out of floss. I gave up on it. My first finish was a Hummingbird with morning glories that I no longer have, and have no idea where it went.

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All Stitched!

Time for some finished objects!
Hummingbird and Hollyhocks

This was stitched for my Grandma. She provided the pattern, floss, and cloth and I the eyesight and needlework. It took about 5 years, and was rather ambitious for me at the time with the confetti-heavy background and the fact that it is full coverage. Before this I had half-heartedly stitched on a few kits that were given to me, and finished only one of them. The rest will be forever lost to the UFO pile due to some glaring miscounting errors.


My second finish, ever. This is a Bucilla kit, stitched on evenweave. If I remember right, it came with this fabric. It was an interesting experience, being as inexperienced as I was, and attempting to stitch over two. I consider it a success, as there was very little frogging involved, and I can recall only one major error. Once I got going on this, it took me about 9 months.


A Janlynn pattern that I picked up at some point between the Hummingbird and Footprints. This was my first attempt to stitch on linen. I thought that since I’d stitched on evenweave it would be a walk in the park. Wrong! I’m blaming it entirely on the fabric, though, as it is truly awful stuff – something synthetic and slippery and not actual linen. It was cheap. The next time I use linen, it will be a proper linen, thank you. 

Whisper of God

This was a kit, and a very quick stitch. After Geisha, I was sick of french knots, so I attempted some beading. It……worked. Sort of. I learned a lot about beading, and have been considering going back and redoing the beads, but I don’t like touching a finished project, so we’ll see. Most of the beads are in the blackwork on the edges.

Beaded Strawberry

A Riolis beading kit. This was the first serious beading I did, and once I got into the rhythm of it, I loved it. I’ve also done a dandelion beaded piece that I forgot to take a picture of before I gave it to the friend it was intended for.

It Calls Me

This is a pattern from Cross Stitch Quest, done on a remnant of that awful linen from Geisha. This is going to a friend that loves Moana once I get it finished entirely. I’m not sure if I want to frame it, mount it like a canvas, or turn it into a flatfold. Decisions, decisions…..
So, 7 finishes over about 8 years. Considering that I have a great fondness for large projects and full-coverage pieces, not bad.

Plans for the future – stitching up all the kits I have on hand (all 6 of them) and then starting on my Heaven and Earth Design stash. I have several patterns I’ve made myself that I’ll fit in as well.

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Know Your Needleworker

Flosstube tag time! I am not on Flosstube, and have no intention of ever filming myself. That said, a lot of the tags that come up while I’m watching are intriguing. I’m not entirely sure where this one originated.

Without further ado:


Where do you live?¬† ¬† ¬†The Ozarks in the south-central US. I’ve been here for almost 7 years and my accent is having an identity crisis.
What do you do for a living?¬† ¬† ¬†I’m a nurse.
Do you have any children? ¬† ¬† ¬†Nope. I’m one of those rare women that has never wanted any.
Do you have any pets?       Currently, a tank of golden Mollies and one lazy bristlenose pleco.
What are your other hobbies besides stitching?       Knitting, reading, drawing, haunting Etsy and EBay for patterns/floss/stitchy stuff. Also fond of extensive walks/hikes in the mountains.
What is your favorite movie?¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Lord of the Rings. (Not one, I know. If I absolutely HAD to choose, it would be The Fellowship of the Ring, but I don’t think you can take one without the other two.)
What is your favorite TV show? ¬† ¬† ¬†American: Grimm, interchanged with Agents of Shield.¬†British: Doctor Who, up through 12’s first season. I haven’t watched any further than that yet, and I don’t think I’m going to even start the upcoming season. I’m not impressed with the previews I’ve seen. Sherlock may usurp top spot yet.
What is your favorite book?      Arena by Karen Hancock.
What is your favorite music? ¬† ¬† ¬†Um….it would be easier to tell you what I won’t listen to. For stitching, however, I prefer soundtracks, classical, and the likes of Audiomachine and Two Steps From Hell. A little easy listening or dubstep will do in a pinch.¬†I¬†don’t like rap, jazz, opera, or most pop/country.¬†I have a fondness for symphonic rock that mystifies me.
¬†What one word best describes you?¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†That depends on who you ask. An acquaintance would say something like ‘quiet’ or ‘smart’. A close friend would say ‘loyal’ or ‘unwavering’ and it would be a lot closer to reality

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My Stitchy Corner of the ‘Net

Hello all!

I plan to use this as a means to share my stitching journey with anyone interested enough to stop by, or lost enough to stumble through. I hope that what you find here may inspire you in your own crafting, or help you find a new relaxing hobby of your own.

I’ve dabbled a bit in just about every needlework craft there is available, but cross stitching and knitting were the two that took root and grew. I am by no means a master of either, but I enjoy them both as a tension-reliever from my high stress job.

Knitting I don’t do as much, since I live in a warmer part of the US and for a greater part of the year, sitting with a lap full of wool is not particularly advisable even WITH the air conditioning on. Cross stitch is a full-time, year-round thing with the occasional hiatus when I get side tracked.

As for my projects, I do the occasional quick stitch or knit, but I am inordinately fond of massive pieces. I have more lined up than I will likely finish in my lifetime.

I work third shift/night shift/insert other term here. In other words, my shifts run from 7 PM to 7 AM(ish). Instead of  flipping my sleep schedule at the end of my three day work week I remain mostly nocturnal, much to the bemusement of my family, friends and coworkers. Being an introvert, this works wonderfully for me – I get to pick and choose when and where I have human interaction. If I want to avoid it altogether by doing my grocery shopping at Wal-Mart at two in the morning……then I do my grocery shopping at two in the morning.  Those curious wanderers visiting here will probably learn more about me than anyone meeting me in person ever will, as I communicate much more through written word than speech.

Am entirely new to this blog thing, so tips and advice would be welcome. We shall see if any type of regular posting schedule emerges, but my crafts are slow and sometimes tedious.

Rambling aside, take a look around and enjoy your visit!