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New Starts

There have been quite a few new starts, including just about everything in the last post. The only ones I will be including here are the projects still in progress.

Autumn Prince – HAED – Kayomi Harai

Not much to see yet, but 2,100 stitches is a pretty good start! Rather than grid the whole (MASSIVE) piece of fabric, I decided to stitch it block by block on the diagonal.

DMC on white 18 count Aida

Autumn In My Garden – Mirabilia – Nora Corbett

I fell in love with the seasonal garden pieces from Mirabilia. I was attempting to work on each one in its season, but due to the next project I’m going to show you, it got put on hold.

Moon Pool Unicorn – Mystic Stitch Inc – Robin Koni

This is a commission-in-progress from one of my coworkers for his daughter. It was started November 13, 2018, and I’ve been stitching like a mad-woman on it ever since. I’m hoping to get it done by November this year.

DMC on 16 count Aida – and the floss skein numbers are OFF. The recommended fabric is 14 count, so I can’t even imagine how much more floss I’d be buying if I were stitching it on that.

The sparkle in the first picture is from the Sulky Sliver I used for gridding.

So there you go! All caught up on progress.

Happy Stitching!



I’m a shift worker that was bitten by the stitching bug some years back. My primary hobbies consist of cross stitch, knitting, crochet (which has fallen by the wayside in recent times), reading and art in general. Due to my work schedule I can be found roaming the ‘net, keeping house, and happily stitching from my corner of the sofa at all hours of the night. I can also be found over on deviantART: And on Instagram @3rd_shift_stitcher

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