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Finished Stitches 2018 – Now

WARNING: Picture-heavy post!

Cat Lessons For People – Lizzie Kate

This one made me giggle, and kitties are the most perfect pet out there imho, so there you go. More variegated floss, which I am slowly starting to get over my aversion to.

Butterfly Profusion – Dimensions Kit

In spite of my loathing for 14 count, it doesn’t look half bad. The backstitching helps.

Hardanger Diamond

I have the four Victorian Sampler elements patterns that require extensive hardanger, so this was a test piece to see how that would go. I found it very enjoyable, although my specialty stitches are going to require practice….. I even managed to clip two threads that Should Not Have Been Cut, and this had the hair raising experience of fixing my first hardanger oops. It wasn’t as bad as I expected.

Letter R – Letters From Nora – Nora Corbett

These stitch up quick! More variegated floss, to the point that I’m actually starting to enjoy it. 😳 This one is going to another friend once I get it FFO’d.

Joyful World SAL – The Snowflower Diaries

I started these on a linen burlap and I don’t like it. It’s too coarse and dark (the bottom photo is the most accurate for color) and it overwhelms the stitching. Back to the drawing board.

Here Comes Treble – Ink Circles

First in a set of three including the alto and bass clefs.

As you can see, I’ve been busy. But that is not all, oh no! I have a few more starts to show you yet, so don’t go too far.

Happy Stitching!



I’m a shift worker that was bitten by the stitching bug some years back. My primary hobbies consist of cross stitch, knitting, crochet (which has fallen by the wayside in recent times), reading and art in general. Due to my work schedule I can be found roaming the ‘net, keeping house, and happily stitching from my corner of the sofa at all hours of the night. I can also be found over on deviantART: And on Instagram @3rd_shift_stitcher

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