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My Stitchy Corner of the ‘Net

Hello all!

I plan to use this as a means to share my stitching journey with anyone interested enough to stop by, or lost enough to stumble through. I hope that what you find here may inspire you in your own crafting, or help you find a new relaxing hobby of your own.

I’ve dabbled a bit in just about every needlework craft there is available, but cross stitching and knitting were the two that took root and grew. I am by no means a master of either, but I enjoy them both as a tension-reliever from my high stress job.

Knitting I don’t do as much, since I live in a warmer part of the US and for a greater part of the year, sitting with a lap full of wool is not particularly advisable even WITH the air conditioning on. Cross stitch is a full-time, year-round thing with the occasional hiatus when I get side tracked.

As for my projects, I do the occasional quick stitch or knit, but I am inordinately fond of massive pieces. I have more lined up than I will likely finish in my lifetime.

I work third shift/night shift/insert other term here. In other words, my shifts run from 7 PM to 7 AM(ish). Instead of  flipping my sleep schedule at the end of my three day work week I remain mostly nocturnal, much to the bemusement of my family, friends and coworkers. Being an introvert, this works wonderfully for me – I get to pick and choose when and where I have human interaction. If I want to avoid it altogether by doing my grocery shopping at Wal-Mart at two in the morning……then I do my grocery shopping at two in the morning.  Those curious wanderers visiting here will probably learn more about me than anyone meeting me in person ever will, as I communicate much more through written word than speech.

Am entirely new to this blog thing, so tips and advice would be welcome. We shall see if any type of regular posting schedule emerges, but my crafts are slow and sometimes tedious.

Rambling aside, take a look around and enjoy your visit!



I’m a shift worker that was bitten by the stitching bug some years back. My primary hobbies consist of cross stitch, knitting, crochet (which has fallen by the wayside in recent times), reading and art in general. Due to my work schedule I can be found roaming the ‘net, keeping house, and happily stitching from my corner of the sofa at all hours of the night. I can also be found over on deviantART: And on Instagram @3rd_shift_stitcher

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